Affordable Smoke Alarm Installations

Beat the Rush – Get Your Smoke Alarms Installed Today

Do you have a rental property in Queensland? Planning on selling soon? Come the 1st January 2022 you must have upgraded your smoke alarms to meet the new legislation. Don’t leave it until the last minute. 

Experienced, Friendly Installers

We use experienced and friendly local electricians to install your smoke alarms. This allows us to help you wherever you may be across South East Queensland. Our smoke alarms meet Australian Standards and come with a 7-year product warranty. 

Our electricians are licensed with appropriate insurances, giving you less to worry about. 

Whether you need to install smoke alarms in your own home or in a rental property, we can help. Call us today to discuss your smoke alarm installation needs. 

How Long Does Installation Take?

Installation time changes depending on the number of smoke alarms you require in your home. Our electricians will remove your old smoke alarms, and install and sync the new alarms. For a standard installation, you can expect between 5 – 10 minutes per wireless and 10-20 minutes for a hardwired alarm. However, there may be times when installation takes longer depending on your setup, the size and the layout of your home. 

When you book your smoke alarm installation, ask us how long it should take. 

Why Interconnected Smoke Alarms?

Smoke alarms are one of the best first detectors of a fire inside your home, but if you only have standalone smoke alarms, you may not know about a fire until it is too late. With more than half of the fires starting in bedrooms, this helps prevent fires.

Interconnected smoke alarms are a safer option because they let you know about a fire sooner. When one alarm detects smoke and activates, all smoke alarms in your home will activate. This means that even if you are in your home but not close to the area where the fire has started, you will know about it. 

If a fire breaks out in your home, time is of the essence to escape – you usually only have a couple of minutes. 

How Do Wireless Smoke Alarms Work?

Wireless photoelectric smoke alarms use wireless radio frequency (RF) transmissions to interconnect a number of smoke alarms together – in the models we use at Super Cheap Smoke Alarms, this can be up to 40 alarms. 

When installed, the smoke alarms wireless connection to each other, very similar to how you would pair your phone to your car audio system or pair Bluetooth devices. Wireless smoke alarms have a good range to allow them to work throughout most homes. 

At Super Cheap Smoke Alarms, you have the option to install standard wireless smoke alarms or choose smoke alarms that come with remote control for easy testing purposes. 

Smoke alarms save lives. Contact us today for a free supply and installation quote.